It took us death to get here…





Our first official commercial release on iTunes.

Produced by Bangzy (@Bangzymusic)

Cuts by Dj Kamera

Mixed and Mastered by Miltiadis Kyvernitis

Artwork by @filip.morris

Distributed by


Kaz Money:

Been watching the game from a bird’s eye view
Eh yo, now I’m back like deja vu
Snatch your bitch like the caliphate
When I come through
Competition I eradicate, tick tick boom
This is my comfort zone like your mama’s bedroom
Leave competition wet like the womb that you fell through
My name should spell doom, leave the booth you smell fumes
My nation’s hells tomb, check my whip I’ll belt you
Don’t give a fuck like a dude that hit the jackpot
I’m the guy that’s been pissing in your bathtub
Old as hell I ain’t learn pulled these pants up
I’ve been rockin mics since you were throwing a tantrum
Spitting under cover like a dude jerking off in front of his laptop
Ignorant Arab mascot
That’s hot, that’s what, the people want, but when it’s time to get props
You can hear a pin drop
I heard you wanna battle that ain’t my specialty
The only thing these fuckers battle is their gay tendencies
Come with bars think your hard I’m charged with assault
Tell your bitch to suck these golf balls and get bullion sauce


Suicide never felt so right
I kill myself every time I write

Perfect Storm:

A lick of the medicine like bitch I am the one
My Uzi is on my tongue
I feel like it weighs a ton
I spit it it’s like a drum barum barum save no last breath Edison
Ain’t no fella that’s better refined
One of hell of a kind I am what one is to rhyme
Sort of what gun is to crime
Fully fitted with my armour kitted
Kitted for an Armageddon
Spit it drum kit it get it
Nah that’s only light they sleeping like it’s over night
Scuffles with a lonely ike and Tina but I’m only like
I’m simply the best
Molest every bar like an alcoholics chest when he slumped and he rest
Put my life in it to get my life out it
Sacrifice I can tell you every single thing about it
But what they really know though
I tell em there’s a chink up in the armoury they think I mean dojo
But I can end your life in just single bar
No ninja star/ no yellow jumpsuit and no Karim jabbar
I come from the era of the greatest before the love for coco ever made it to a playlist


Suicide never felt so right
I kill myself every time I write


This ain’t no cotton flow candy
Roll droppin when ya wanna
This circle tight fiends keep it lean
Like piranhas
At the sight of blood
We send chills so they packin up
Had enough
Tales broke like iguanas
Been used to growing up clench jaw posted near an exit light
Clear shots to make a dip right
Ur one moment off a heartbeat
To tears sinking six feet deep
So dont white or else ya die tnt
It ain’t a mindstate just the state that make a mind
And if the grind real yo let em bullets shine
Before man takes mine i’m a stop time
Its tick tock then a shot before a flatline
And that’s my attitude when spitting with a gratitude
inside a booth
And that’s really why i’m at it truth
Circle tight want proof check them other verses
If u aint on now we snatchin all your purses

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