It took us death to get here…


Born in Indonesia to a Swiss father and an Indonesian mother, Swerte has lived a diverse life which is recognizable in his constantly-evolving, unique style of rap and hip-hop. During the mid 90’s in Jakarta, Indonesia, Swerte first dove into his hip hop career by forming a rap group, The SouthSiderz, which managed to break into the scene successfully through competitions. The SouthSiderz continued to perform at various venues as an opening act for Indonesian R&B sensation Dewi Sandra.
Since moving to Dubai, Swerte has dedicated his life to sound working as a fulltime sound engineer at a television station and working with various bands and musicians in the UAE and Internationally. After noticing a lack of a sense of community within the Hip Hop scene in the UAE, he came up with the idea to create a compilation titled, “The Recipe” with the aid of Jabbar, a Palestinian MC living in Dubai. From that project this group was made. Working directly with the members he has helped them realise their solo projects as well as the groups.
Swerte has released a 3 Mixtape Project titled “The Mini Mixtape Series” and continues to make music, using it as a medium to spread his message of “striving to your best potential and being a conscious influence to those around you” by sharing his experiences. His last release of the Series titled, “Raconteur” brought him back to his Indonesian roots and using the attention he gained from its success he helped raise money to aide a young man who couldn’t afford the medical attention he needed and also promote a Film Workshop for an Orphanage in Banda Aceh, Indonesia with

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