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SOLEDXB : 2015


Before hitting the stage this time at Sole DXB, we held a panel discussing the history of Hip Hop in the UAE. Hope fully we can get our hands on the footage of the panel and will be uploading that here for everyone. Shout out to the Sole team for outdoing themselves again. The event was definitely a memory everyone who attended is never going to forget. Check out the article on us on the Official SoleDXB site here


Perfect Storm- 4 AM Music Video

The Recipe- Can’t Hold Us

Cover of Macklemore’s Can’t Hold Us. FREE DOWNLOAD

The Recipe On The Mic- Trailer

We shot the footage for this documentary during the 4 days leading up to Kaz Money’s Mixtape Launch in the summer of 2011. Most of it was shot on the Iphone. We all had one on us so it was just easier to ask each member to record everything they were doing during those 4 days on their phone. The idea behind the documentary is to give a little insight as to how much goes on in preparation before we do anything. We also wanted this to be some sort of a representation of the growing music scene that we have here in the United Arab Emirates and how artists work to do what they want to do independently. Above all we hope the viewers will see that we’re just a bunch of guys having fun doing music and sharing the positive energy that comes with it with our audience.
Follow us all on twitter and we’ll keep you posted as to when the documentary will be released. We’re planning on releasing it before the end of the year!!!!


Perfect Storm- Perspective

P.storm remix’s a track originally performed by Toofless featuring Capone of C-N-N Produced by Kashmir, Dub Poets Collective..Please share,comment and feel free to click the ARROW to download from our soundcloud page.


So we took a break from recording the album and worked on this track for fun.

Throwback: Perfect Storm’s Mixtape Launch 2010

The Recipe x Sandwash, Alpha Club, 2011

Its always a joy when we do collabs onstage with other bands, especially when they’re local legends in their own genres. For this performance we linked up with Sandwash and did a mash up rendition of @JibberishSLDX “Hit the Hammer”. Live band, beatbox and turntablist in one song… Needless to say, we had a lot of fun.

News Coverage of Hiphop Workshop from 2009

Throwback: Video Invitation to The Recipe Compilation Launch, 2009

Throwback: Introduction to The Recipe from 2010!!

This is an old introduction video to what The Recipe was about back when we still operated as a small time indie-label based in Dubai and Swerte was fat and Jabbar had no style. Hahaha… From being a Compilation Project of 14 artists, to a Label supporting the artists and establishing them in the Middle East to the Music Group that it is now.. The memories we made on the way during events and studio sessions are priceless… SHOUT OUT TO THE ORIGINAL MARCH 27 FAMILY!!

Perfect Storm- ADHD Remix


THROWBACK: Kaz Money and Scratch from The Roots

Kaz Money and Perfect Storm Tupac Back LIVE at Yasalam Abu Dhabi

The Recipe Indo Tour Slideshow

Some personal fotos from our trip last year to Indonesia…

Swerte- Hell Yeah

Perfect Storm- 4 AM Omen