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Redbull Presents “Bel Sodfa”: Anthony Touma x The Recipe- Always Want More

The Recipe x Mobb Deep – Biggie’s Mac 11 (Prod. by Brvnjes)

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Produced by Brvnjes

Video Animated by Rakan Ghresi @rakang_

Mixed by Toby Davies

Mastered by Miltiadis Kyvernitis

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Our Debut Album: Funerals and Purgatory

Premiere on Mass Appeal

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The Recipe – Uma Thurman

Twitter/Facebook/Instagram: @therecipedxb
 Directed by Omar Abbas
DOP: Michael Lagerway
Edit & Post Production: Ahmed Aborady
Art Director: Charbel Naimeh
Make Up: Annakin Meerits
Producers: Jamie Langley & Sebastian Guillet
A CollectiveBKP Production

#TheRecipeFreestyles: P. Storm – Humble

Shot by Swerte

Edited by Safa Fais

Original by Kendrick Lamar- Humble


#TheRecipeFreestyles: Swerte- Hell No

Shot and Edited by Safa Fais

Original by Gucci Mane- Nonchalant

#TheRecipeFreestyles: Kaz Money- Old Man

The Recipe LIVE at Step Music Festival 2017


Foto Credits: @waleedshah and @dantaylorphotography
#STEPMusicFest #StepMusic2017 #STEPMusic 

#TheRecipeFreestyles: Swerte- Resurface

Original by Dave East- No hook

#TheRecipeFreestyles: Swerte- Sankara

Shot by Martin Velkov
Edited by Safa Fais

Original by Migos – Bad and Boujee

#TheRecipeFreestyles: P Storm- interlude

Shot by Martin Velkov
Edited by Safa Fais

Original song by J. Cole – Everybody Dies

The Recipe featured in CNN’s Great Big Story

Live at SOLE DXB

Sole dxb 2016

Fotos by @omartartoob and @burstparty

The Recipe- “Bandana’ Music Video

2nd single off the upcoming album ‘Funerals & Purgatory’…

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Directed by Martin Velkov
DOP : Daniel Tudano
Edit & Post Production: Ahmed Aborady
Producers : Sebastian Guillet & Jamie Langley
Art Director: Abe El Habashy
Make Up: Becki Gibbs
Editor & Post Production: Ahmed Aborady

Christopher Lawrence Frostyle Trasmaño – @CLFROSTYLE
Steff De Gracia – @MSCOCO_BELLA
Erisa Afshar – @ERISA.AF
Luiza May – @LUIZZA.MAY
Harold Yumang
Gabrielle Ivanova – @GABRIELLEIVANOVA
Chad Chambers
Sultan – @sultansja
Jamie Langley
Seb Guillet

Shout out to Reem Hameed & Omar Abbas of CollectiveBKP and the whole team for helping us make this happen.


The Recipe- Bandana

Produced by Brvnjes

 Available now on:

The Recipe- Place To Rest ft Talib Kweli and Spark Master Tape

Director: Joris Bosdriesz / Martin Velkov
Editor: Safa AlAbedy



Produced by @Brvnjes

Cuts by Rone Jaxx
Exec Produced: DJ RD & Shero

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The Recipe- “AK47” Produced by Bangzy



My life is like an AK47
Fully loaded weapon
I done been around globe

My life is like an AK47
3rd world occupation
I’m just tryna find home

Perfect Storm:

Used and abused and it’s cool
For the warfare I’m a tool
you can put us all there but it’s you
I’m going back back back I’m the one that’s living with it
dealing with it cause I went and really did it
my scores done assisted the block…now look at me on a triple double prison visit
I’m an AK47…cause my momma be white and be pops be yellow
I’m an AK47…that’s gold and silver for a third world medal
I’m an AK47… Ready for war, I got the energy for, to turn my enemies to felonies I’m ready for all
and I’m uneducated but gun dedicated…


My life is like an AK47
Fully loaded weapon
I done been around globe

My life is like an AK47
3rd world occupation
I’m just tryna find home


Im like an AK 47
You’re Pullin more weight
When I’m squeezin this trigger
Don’t medicate this venom
It’s coolin my hate
When the crowd gets bigger
Guns for a sinner
Heaven ain’t made for my views
So I gotta get mine from the smoke
Fear is my dinner
Im eating much more than I choose to
Magazines feeding my hopes
I’m stuck with AK 47s
Shooting down dreams when I walk through a door
See these AK 47s
Look where I’m from and you’re sure there’ll be more
Pouring this mindset, blind set of politricking views
Causing panic and abuse on the street
Now no matter what I do, its further from the truth
The only thing I carry is the heat


My life is like an AK47
Fully loaded weapon
I done been around globe

My life is like an AK47
3rd world occupation
I’m just tryna find home


I get seized at every border, to some I represent disorder
Im the face of the ones you’re avoiding, I’m the face of the people that you point at
But I’m Conceived out of conflict, uh one of the forgotten
Champion of the unwanted, ungoverned, drama is my only constant
Associated to the most hated, villainous traits I got the whole world shaking
I’m the image of fear that the world made me, I’m another tool pass me around baby
bad temper I let off, knock people’s heads off
knock off your crown, don’t test what I’m made of
chaos is sort of my specialty, look at The Recipe, I bring that energy sort of like weaponry
Look at my pedigree, Armenia to Syria, 7abashi italy, durable dig through the rubble you’ll probably still find me
Like an AK-47, I’m a motherfucking problem to a anybody that want it, anybody can get it, get it whenever confronted
rapid fire I promise, I promise the fire is coming – POW!

The Recipe – “Hard To Say No” Video

WKND.TV Feature

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Swerte Feature in The National

The National _ The Recipe _ 2 April 2016

The Recipe- Hard To Say No

The Recipe x Cayler & Sons Collab





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